• Oct 27, 2023
  • 5 min read

Building launch of energy efficient homes – Green Village

  • Oct 27, 2023
  • 5 min read

Building launch of energy efficient homes – Green Village

The Green Village eco-residence is an innovative residential project of Kirsan Group, an international development and construction company; this housing development successfully and effectively solves pretty much all the issues and questions that a prospective home buyer may have.

High level of comfort and reliability

The Green Village is a planned community in the Tohatin-Bunet suburb of Chisinau, Moldova, within the Togatin district. It foresees more than 300 low-storey homes with their own plots of land as well as communal areas.

Ranging in surface area from 95 to 200 square meters, the one and two storey houses are wood frame and brick built, meeting European building standards, with a life in excess of 100 years. They are also seismically stable.

The plans are for split level homes which suit any sloping terrain and can rightly be described as having attractive, modern architectural minimalism. This leads to convenient floor plans, harmoniously combining functionality and aesthetics, which add to creature comforts throughout the living space.

This in turn leads to straight forward access to living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, and the technical facilities, as well as out on to the terrace, the garden, a gazebo or pool, and of course on to the street. Future residents can also opt to have free planning to incorporate internal partition walls. Under the house is a cellar, which can be used for additional storage or a sauna, or if so desired integrated as further living space.

The homes are part of a gated community with 24/7 video surveillance for security.

Community Infrastructure

The master plan for the development has a range of community facilities and infrastructure, ranging from a kindergarten, shop, sports area with a football pitch, tennis court, children’s playground, pharmacy, fitness centre, recreation and event areas.

Additionally, the benefits of urban Chisinau are close at hand, being just a few minutes’ drive from the Chekan and Rushkanovka residential areas of Chisinau, giving easy access to schools, clinics, shops, hypermarkets and cultural buildings.

Real Energy Security 

The Green Village development comes with energy efficient options to ensure the comfort of its residents. Alongside the normal services of water, gas and electricity, the homes in the development have independent sources of thermal and electric energy from an onsite thermal power plant and a solar station which also uses biomass.

Each house can also have renewable energy solutions, selected by the owner: solar panels on the roof, a ground source heat pump, or a biomass heating system, to provide energy autonomy.

Staying close to the local ecology

The Green Village is located in the middle of beautiful, wooded hills, a real environmentally friendly area. The hills and trees insulate the houses from urban noise and provide calm for the homes, with quiet streets with pedestrian sidewalks, comfortable paths to the different, green, recreation areas.

There is a further opportunity to move towards self-sufficiency. There are communal greenhouses for year-round cultivation of eco-products and their sale in the community. Each resident can have their own greenhouse “allotment” – if they wish – to grow their own vegetables and fruit.

Also on site is a small stream which feeds a lake, with an adjacent duck and rabbit farm. Breeding animals and birds adds to the environmental benefits as the animals produce organic fertilizer for the crop production in the greenhouses, and the lake adds to the local ecosystem.

A closed waste processing plant is planned with treatment facilities processing green waste into organic fertilizer. Garbage collection is also provided, with waste going to secondary processing.

A Great Deal

The Green Village offers a super deal for its prospective buyers, with the average cost per square meter of just 700 Euros, which is some 40% lower than the average local market price.

This then combines with the low cost of running a home here, due to the green energy sources providing the lowest of energy costs.

 Rapid Build Time

Kirsan utilises some pre-fabrication techniques to build rapidly. Currently, there are three house designs to choose from, with different surface area and number of floors: the smallest is 97 square meters, the next is 150 square meters, and the largest is 198. Each client can select their model according to their family requirements and then customize it.

Some stone blocks are product at the factory and then transported to the site and installed. Proven methods result in a short project time of just 90 days from the final approval of the project to the completion of the building phase.

Experience has shown to date that the quality of the plans and the building methods mean that planning approvals happen faster than would otherwise be the case.