Frequently Asked Questions

What is Kirsan Invest?
Kirsan Invest is a platform showcasing Kirsan Group’s investment opportunities, enabling investors to invest directly in the Group’s in-house projects. The platform also shows completed projects as an archive of successful developments and investments.
How does Kirsan Invest work?
Potential investors will be able to view current projects on the platform and select where they would like to invest. All of the projects are carefully vetted by Kirsan Group’s investment division. We outline the loan structure for each project, its development plan and financial classification with its specific regional regulations. Once an investor has selected a project, they can invest any amount starting from a minimum of €50, once they have signed up and passed the KYC and AML procedures.
Why invest at Kirsan?
Kirsan Invest is solely responsible for all of its projects and invites funds under clear terms that do not include transaction commissions, withdrawal or success fees, or any other hidden amounts. All the projects on the platform are developed in-house, so no 3rd party fees are deducted from investor pay-outs, delivering much higher returns than average with lower risks involved.
What is the legal structure of the Kirsan Invest platform?
Kirsan Invest platform is an in-house holding structure established in accordance with the laws of the Estonian Republic and EU regulations. Kirsan Invest attracts investments in the form of loans only for the projects it owns or controls within the Kirsan Group of companies through SPVs or directly.
What is the difference between holding structure and crowdfunding business model?
A holding structure implies developing the projects in direct control through SPVs or ownership of the companies, whereas a crowdfunding company or CSP (crowdfunding service provider) operates as a licensed intermediary providing collective funding for the projects of the 3rd party borrowers. These are two contrasting legal forms of business activity which cannot be combined within the operations of one company.
What is a direct investment?
It's a distinctive opportunity that allows investors to invest and directly conclude a contract with the local construction and development company presented by Kirsan Invest. The platform does not operate as a separate crowdfunding service provider for 3rd parties, thereby taking a commission on top, but is owned and governed by Kirsan Group.
What is the operational structure of Kirsan invest?
Kirsan Invest is a company within the Kirsan Group of companies, acting as the Group’s Investment Department with the capacity of structuring and presenting dedicated investment opportunities of Kirsan Group to the clients of the Kirsan Invest platform.

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